Tools of translation: Transfiguration of Quotes

The Aḫlāq-e Moḥsenī quotes from various sources such as the Qur’ān as well as classical Persian poetry. In some cases, Sāhib Rām remodeled quotes or replaced them by an adequate quotation or imagery from Indian mythological sources such as various purāṇa-texts. In chapter five “on Patience”, where Kāšefī quotes Hāfeẓ:

“If you remain patient like Noah facing the catastrophe of the storm flood, misfortune turns into the opposite and great fortune will be bestowed upon you.” (Gazal 234)

this is replaced by the following verse in the Vīraratnaśekharaśikhā:

“In former times, when [everything] was filled with water, the venerable Matsya[-Avatāra of Viṣṇu] was patient. Depending on him a ship with sages [on board], filled with seeds, persisted and was used by the creator, […], in a new creation [of the world].”

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