chapters 21-30 compared

Promoting donations and charitable deeds is another important feature of the late medieval mirror for princes as well as the development of character traits such as generosity. Chapter 21 includes an anecdote of the semi-legendary Hatim al-Tayy, who was hailed for his munificence.

21 saḫāvat-o eḥsān generosity and
benevolent action
22 tavāẓūʿ-o eḥterām humility and respectfulness ātithyaucityataḥ svasya mārdavam
23 amānat-o diyānat placing in trust and integrity pratidānakam
24 vafāʾ be ʿahd fulfilling contracts aṅgī­kṛtārthaṃ saṃpattiḥ
25 ṣedq truthfulness satyavāditvam
26 enǧāḥ-e ḥāǧāt fulfilling (others’) needs parārtha­kṛti­naipuṇyam
27 taʾannī-o taʾammol thoughtfulness and consideration vimṛśyakṛtitā
28 tadbīr-o mošāvarat guidance and counsel mantranītikriyā
29 ḥazm circumspection dūradīrghadarśitvam
30 šoǧāʿat courage śūratvam

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