chapters 31-40 compared

The last chapters of the mirror are mainly devoted to advise concerning observance of laws, court life and civil service and is addressing questions such as with whom should the ruler surround himself, who should he avoid, how to deal with servants and retinue.

31 ġairat sense of honour mānaucityam
32 siyāsat jurisdiction daṇḍaucityakriyā
33 tayaqquẓ-o ḫebrat alertness and experience svapnabodhaucitī
34 ferāsat sagacity buddhikauśalyam
35 ketmān-e asrār keeping secrets gabhīratā
36 eġtenām-e forṣat-o ṭalab-e nīknāmī seizing the opportunity and
pursuing recognition
37 reʿāyat-e ḥoqūq observing the law kṛtajñatā
38 ṣoḥbat-e aḫyār associating with fine people satsaṅgaḥ
39 dafʿ-e ašrār eliminating the vicious vyasanityāgaḥ
40 tarbiyat-e ḫadam-o ḥašam handling servants and retinue svādhyakṣa­senā­hasty­aśva­yoga­kṣemāvadhānatā

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