chapters 1-10 compared

The Aḫlāq-e Moḥsenī is divided into forty chapters (bāb), each dedicated to a capacity of the ideal ruler or quality of statesmanship, e.g. justice (ʿadl), or a moral quality such as patience (ṣabr). The Vīraratnaśekharaśikhā is likewise divided into forty chapters, some of the titles closely correspond to its Persian counterpart (marked = in the following), some can be considered a transliteration (such as chapter 2, śuklīkaraṇa for šokr) or adaption, e.g. Sanskrit daivaprasannatā meaning “acceptance of fate” for the Persian tavakkol meaning “resignation (to the divine will)”.

chapter Persian title translation Sanskrit title according to uddeśa-prakaraṇa
1 ʿebādat submissive obedience (to God); religious practice tapas
2 eḫlās sincerity susvabhāvatvam
3 doʿā invocation dainyākrandanam
4 šokr thanksgiving tatprāpitānumodaḥ
5 ṣabr patience kṣamā
6 reżā consent (to the divine will) īśecchāprasannatā
7 tavakkol resignation (to the divine will) upanate saṃtoṣaḥ
8 ḥayāʿ chastity vṛddha­śreṣṭhānuvartanam
9 ʿeffat continence bāhyāntaraśucitvam
10 adab courtesy, propriety of conduct vinayaḥ

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